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What does RPO stand for?

RPO stands for Raising Performance in Operations

Why should my factory be interested in RPO?

RPO is a proven, cost effective programme that can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual Plant. You could benefit from RPO if you want to:

  1. Give people ownership of their work and KPIs, thus increasing productivity and improving quality
  2. Develop leadership abilities of first-line managers
  3. Build confidence and trust between managers and shop floor
  4. Increase engagement levels throughout the plant
  5. Improve the dynamic of the plant from the bottom up
Who created RPO?

RPO was created by Cherie Concannon when she noticed a common denominator with her executive clients, whereby they cited apathetic attitudes en masse within their organisations. This was considered a primary blocker for growth both on the top and bottom line. Realising this, Cherie began to pilot a new programme within manufacturing plants which strengthened leadership, focusing on middle managers within the plant. Cherie also worked closely with plant managers to ensure they were getting exactly what they needed from RPO , ensuring productivity and culture change were paramount to the programme.

How can I determine my return on investment?

We design a bespoke RPO assessment tool for each plant to measure ROI from the beginning to end of the programme.

If we implement RPO, will my Team Leaders need other management training?

No – RPO is a practical tool which teaches Team Leaders to become effective first line managers. No other training is needed as this is all incorporated into the process of RPO

How long has RPO been running?

RPO has been running since 2009 and has now become an award winning programme

How long will I need an RPO programme in my factory before it becomes sustainable?

Evidence has shown that there is an immediate change within a factory during the first 6 months of the programme being introduced. The length of time Cherie currently works with a factory is 24 months before the process becomes sustainable in-house. This can vary from factory to factory and Cherie will remain with the programme until sustainability is achieved. Cherie is also on-hand after this period to troubleshoot any issues that may arise after the 24 months.


How will I know if RPO is suitable for my Plant?

To find out if RPO is suitable for you plant please contact us directly and we can help you assess your individual needs

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